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Prof. Williams reads a lecture on Constitutional Revolutions in memoriam Andriy Meleshevych (updated)

On Oct. 25, on the Zoom platform, Prof. David Williams, head of the Indiana University Center for Constitutional Democracy, read a lecture on Constitutional Revolutions.

The American professor, one of the world’s leading constitutionalists, dedicated the lecture to the memory of Andriy Meleshevych, the third president of the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, with whom Prof. Williams was acquainted personally. A day before, Andriy Meleshevych would have turned 59.

During the lecture, David Williams raised and gave detailed answers to the following questions:

  • Are revolutions ever justified?
  • Are revolutions ever justified in a constitutional republic?
  • If a revolution is the last resort, shouldn’t we try to change the constitution through the normal processes?
  • Can revolutions be constitutional?

The recorded lecture, the presentation used during the lecture, and its translation into Ukrainian can be viewed on this page.  The presentation can be also downloaded in its original Microsoft PowerPoint format (see below).

View the lecture:


View the presentation in English:


View the presentation in Ukrainian:


Download the presentation in English (12.7 MB)


Download the presentation in Ukrainian (12.7 MB)