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Head of the Indiana University’s Center for Constitutional Democracy David Williams: “There is a great danger of having absolute power concentrated in the hands of incumbent President Zelensky”

By Inna Vedernikova, ZN,UA Politics Department Editor

Джерело: ZN,UA, Oct. 18, 2021

Conspirologists of anonymous Telegram channels have already named a key U.S. constitutionalist’s visit to Ukraine as a kind of secret mission. According to the “initiates,” after Prof. Williams, President Biden’s familiar, met judges of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts of Ukraine, the latter’s chairwoman Ms. Danishevska started hastily preparing herself for resignation; and the U.S. Embassy via Williams received direct instructions on what their position should be as to the adoption of decentralization-related amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine… Continue reading in Ukrainian on the ZN,UA site >>>