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Gennadiy Druzenko in “Antipodes”: the dead Constitution, a prison for presidents, “run-down” Maidan, Medvedchuk’s case, sanctions

The Islandia channel published a video of a conversation of CCD Chairman of the Board Gennadiy Druzenko with Serhiy Ivanov, a popular blogger and the “Antipodes” program host.

The two-hour talk show went beyond merely constitutional issues, covering a wide circle of problems:

  • What is aristocracy and elite;
  • Themajor challenges for Ukraine today;
  • What is constitutional design;
  • What is wrong with our Constitution, and how it should look like;
  • The concentration of power in the hands of the President;
  • WhetherweneedtheProsecutor’sOfficethewayitlookstodayandaProsecutorGeneralmaybenot a certified lawyer;
  • Whether a new constitution should contain a provision on denaturalization;
  • How much we can trust the “Medvedchuk’s tapes” and whether Proroshenko should be a suspect in Medvedchuk’s case;
  • Whom to blame for the case of Maidan having been in fact not solved for the eighth year and whether Yanukovych will not repulse his in-absentia sentence through the European Court of Human Rights;
  • How to stop, in a fast and legitimate way, the activities of pro-Russian forces in Ukraine.

A long watch worth watching (in Ukrainian):